What Made Me A Kick-Ass Adoptee

Hell yes, adoptees are angry! Excuse my French…I’m just a veteran adoptee, finally free from anger’s choking grip, and ready to hunt bear on behalf of my fellow adoptees and foster kids who believe that their anger might be a life sentence.

Up until now, most adoptees have believed there’s no hope for resolving overwhelming and uncontrollable anger issues. They accept “I’m just an angry person” misbelief.  Many adoption agencies hid the topic of our anger, hoping eager, naive, prospective parents won’t find out about it before homecoming day. Truth be told, the majority of adoptive and foster parents are terrified of adoptee anger, for they can’t spank it away, teach it away, woo it away, or love it away. It’s no wonder adoptees haven’t learned to find freedom from anger issues. The solution wasn’t in sight.

“I BLOW UP EASILY AND HURT OTHERS” Online Adoptee Bible Study

The child picture in this photo could be an adopted or foster child, who feels at the mercy of her anger. She blows up, hurts others, and then feel much regret about it. In time, she will learn that her anger is God-given and that it can be regulated so that it performs what it was created for–to warn her that something’s not right and needs adoption.

How Adoptive Moms Can Reverse Their Child’s Misplaced Anger

I’m going to ask you to do something in regard to your adopted child’s anger that will likely seem crazy, but hang tight…it will make sense after you read the prescription for helping your child process misplaced anger and find healing from pre-adoption loss. 

First, think  about your reaction to your child’s outbursts, rages, and rejections. Do these scare you? Do you wonder if you’re doing something wrong as a mom? Do you feel helpless and hopeless about how to deal with it? 

Confessions of An Angry Adoptee

We feel emotions more intensely than many non-adopted humans, for we have pre-adoption traumas that affect us right down to the cellular level.But, isn’t anger supposed to be a good thing? Yes!  Our emotions are a gift, meant to help us. But, anger can become toxic if not processed. Take this quiz to see if your anger is toxic.

Do Adoptees and Foster Kids Have A Right to Be Angry?

Hell, yes, we’re angry. Excuse my French…I’m just a veteran adoptee, finally free from adoptee anger’s choking grip, and ready to hunt bear. As you might have surmised from the opening statement, this will not be a feel-good read. No warm fuzzies or heart-shaped emojis. No steaming bedtime tea and cookies. This is a wake-up,Continue reading “Do Adoptees and Foster Kids Have A Right to Be Angry?”

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