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How Can Adoptees and Foster Kids Know Who Is A Safe Person?

This photo shows an opening in a bush in the shape of the heart, which indicates the growth that can happen when adoptees and foster kids learn to share only with safe people.

When we adoptees and foster kids are hurting badly, we lack a lot of discernment about who to share our innermost thoughts with. This post teaches how to find safe people by looking at three characteristics that must be present to qualify a person as safe. This is also applicable to anyone who is hurting.

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Twenty Gifts of An Adoptee

This photo shows gifts that are symbolic of an adoptee's gifting of being adopted. Many downplay being adopted, but this veteran adoptee looks back with thankfulness.

There are many adoptees who will nay-say the idea of being grateful for being adopted. Most of them haven’t lived as long as I have! Looking back over seven decades, I can see so many things to be grateful for and I say them in deep respect for fellow-adoptees who are in pain or anger.

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Family Devotions and Crafts for Easter Week

This photo is of the breastplate of the high priest of Israel. How can adoptive and foster parents make Easter meaningful as a family. Follow Sherrie's devotions and craft ideas this week.

It’s a challenge for Christians at Easter and Holy week to help children, especially younger ones, understand why Jesus died, was buried, and rose again. Use these short devotions from Sherrie to make this week meaningful spiritually for your family.

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