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Twenty Gifts of An Adoptee

This photo shows gifts that are symbolic of an adoptee's gifting of being adopted. Many downplay being adopted, but this veteran adoptee looks back with thankfulness.

There are many adoptees who will nay-say the idea of being grateful for being adopted. Most of them haven’t lived as long as I have! Looking back over seven decades, I can see so many things to be grateful for and I say them in deep respect for fellow-adoptees who are in pain or anger.

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The Beautiful Braid of Adoption

I already hear boos coming about this post. Many people believe adoption is a bad thing that should be avoided at all cost. Sherrie provides a metaphor of adoption to inspire the adoption triad to affirm each person touched by adoption and how God sees it all.

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Has God Forgotten the Fatherless?

Because adopted and foster children suffer great loss of the birth family and place of belonging, they oftentimes feel forgotten–by those in their lives and by God Himself. Sherrie provides Biblical answers of God’s inheritance to the fatherless.

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