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Do you Want to Heal from Adoption Wounds? Here’s How.

Why Those Touched By Adoption Need One Another

Being a Lone Ranger doesn’t bring healing for those touched by adoption. When we are grieving deeply, we can’t see and even don’t want to see the pain of others. Pain twists our perspective. Sherrie Eldridge has been there and gives reason why striving for humble healing is essential…in the company of all that have been touched by adoption, whether first parents, adoptive/foster parents, or adoptees.

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Adoptive, Foster, and Birth Parents Long for This

This photo of prize pearls represents adopted and foster children that parents would travel the world for. At times, they get discouraged because their kids come from hard placed. This blog is designed to encourage.

Imagine standing at Tiffany’s jewelry showcase. Your eyes are drawn to a lustrous, huge. string of pearl, set in a simple, yet elegant setting. All of us would love having those pearls. However, there’s another pearl far more precious to adoptive and foster parents…a pearl you would travel to the ends of the earth to obtain…a pearl that can’t be

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How To Tell If You’ve Been Called to Parent Through Adoption or Foster Care

This image shows a son riding on his dad's back. It illustrates the need for adoptive and foster parents to celebrate adoption with their kids. Practical tips are offered here about ways to celebrate.

There aren’t enough positive things written about adoptive and foster parenting today. ..about the beauty of adoption. Yes, parents have an abundance of challenges, but at times, they need to reflect on how they became a family and celebrate. Sherrie Eldridge gives coaching tips on how to do this.

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