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Do you Want to Heal from Adoption Wounds? Here’s How.

Why Those Touched By Adoption Need One Another

Being a Lone Ranger doesn’t bring healing for those touched by adoption. When we are grieving deeply, we can’t see and even don’t want to see the pain of others. Pain twists our perspective. Sherrie Eldridge has been there and gives reason why striving for humble healing is essential…in the company of all that have been touched by adoption, whether first parents, adoptive/foster parents, or adoptees.

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Twenty Gifts of An Adoptee

This photo shows gifts that are symbolic of an adoptee's gifting of being adopted. Many downplay being adopted, but this veteran adoptee looks back with thankfulness.

There are many adoptees who will nay-say the idea of being grateful for being adopted. Most of them haven’t lived as long as I have! Looking back over seven decades, I can see so many things to be grateful for and I say them in deep respect for fellow-adoptees who are in pain or anger.

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Understanding Causes of Unplanned Pregnancies in Adopted and Foster Teens

The problem of unplanned pregnancies amongst adopted and foster teens is rarely discussed. Sherrie Eldridge provides a thorough explanation of what might be going on in the teen's mind that leads them in this direction as well as tips for parents.

Why is it so common for adopted and foster teens and 20-Somethings to experience an unplanned pregnancy? You will be surprised as the author reveals her experience and what she has learned to share with adoptive and foster parents. Parents are given tips on how to cope with this challenge.

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