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Navigating First-Day-School Emotions with Adopted and Foster Kids

Why Parents Don't Need to Be Scared of Adoptee and Foster Kid Emotions

What if your adopted/foster child or teen enters another day of school with a big smile. Can parents and teachers ever understand the full mindset of that child entering a new situation and school? Sherrie Eldridge helps parents know the back story realities and how they can be pro-active to help their kids not react in the extreme.

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Relinquishment and Adoption Are Different, by Ron Nydam, Ph.D.

This post tells about the confusion between adoption and relinquishment and the benefits of knowing the differences.

Language itself is often a problem in the field of adoption. Seldom is it simply a matter of semantics. For all too long the literature has failed to carefully distinguish between relinquishment and adoption as two separate, parallel processes which interface with each other in adoptive development. And the consequences of this unfortunate muddling of thinking is that relinquishment, with all its negative power, is quietly unnoticed and adoption, as a process of attachment to another family, is unfairly loaded with societal stigma. Let me explain.

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What Adoptive and Foster Parents Can Do When Kids “Out-Stubborn” Them

When Your Child Resists Talking about Adoption there are ways to get them to open up and share.

What can adoptive and foster parents do when their kids consistently resist talking about adoption? Many times, the child will yell, “You don’t get it.” And, truth be told, parents don’t get it because adopted and foster kids see life in an entirely different way than their parents. Learn here how to enter their world….and how to miss entrance.

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