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Why Adopted and Foster Kids Believe They Don’t Belong Anywhere

How Adoptees React to Others Trying to Help Them Belong

What is a secret that adoptees and foster kids guard? It’s their feelings of not belonging. They feel like a square peg in a round hole. Parents sometimes hurt instead of help…unknowingly. Sherrie Eldridge offers a challenge to both parents and kids.

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Don’t Fry Your Adopted/Foster Kid Brain-OK?

Don't Let Your Addiction to Stress Rule Your Day

This teen could be a picture of an adopted or foster kid pushing themselves to the hilt…which only costs themselves. Such striving is contrary to learning to self regulate addictive emotions that tell us to do more. Sherrie Eldridge shares how adopted and foster kids can relax during busy times.

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How Can Adopted and Foster Kids Grow In Spite of Parental Rejection?

When words fail for adoptive and foster parents the soluation is here

News flash: Adoptees and Foster Can Grow in Self-Esteem in the Midst of Parental Rejection My heart breaks for fellow adoptees and foster kids who are being rejected. It doesn’t have to a monumental, in-your-face rejection, but it is rejection nonetheless. For example: Teen waits for birth parent to pick up for movie date but parent doesn’t show. Child fantasizes

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