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Are Adoptive and Foster Moms Supposed to Bite the Bullet with Kid Anger?

Can Angry Adoptees Not Learn to Think of Others?

As an adopted person, I wish my mom would have let me know the truth about hurting her with my anger instead of  just biting the bullet and swallowing hard until the next rage. How are we kids to learn what anger costs those who love us? In some ways, just ignoring the anger spree without telling how it affects

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The Granddaddy Fear of Many Adoptive and Foster Moms

This post deals with a common fear among many adoptive and foster moms-that their child will someday prefer the birth mom and go and live with her. The answers presented are understanding the dual identity of the child, making verbal boundaries, and the right timing.

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Why Does My Adopted or Foster Child Hate Me?

Adoptive moms receive the brunt of adoptee anger. They are present, but the one whom the anger is really directed at is the birth mom, for disappearing from our lives…for kicking us out. That’s what it feels like.

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