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What Happened To My Adoptive Mom’s Wedding Ring…and Me

When Junk Becomes A Treasure

Taking them out, something strange started happening deep inside me.I thought about my late Dad picking them for Mom.Where did he get them? And, why did he pick this design? And…what was it like for both of them when he asked her to marry him? Did they hug, kiss? Did he get down on one knee?

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How Adoptive and Foster Mamas Can Discover Their Legacy

Where Is Your Legacy, Adoptive and Foster Mamas?

For, YOU, dear one, are the gift, the heirloom to the next generation.

Yes, every single inch of you that lives the daily grind is part and parcel of your legacy. Your strengths and weaknesses, your challenges and failures, your dreams and goals.

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One Adoptee Discovers Late Mom’s Legacy of Love

When Rocky Memories Turn Warm

I never dreamed I’d be writing a book about her…my late adoptive mom, that is. Our rocky relationship was nothing to brag about. In fact, it was a secret I carried as an adoption author and speaker. But, then something incredible occurred. Flashing into my mind were warm memories of her. How could that be? She’d been dead for 37 years.


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