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Confessions of An Angry Adoptee

We feel emotions more intensely than many non-adopted humans, for we have pre-adoption traumas that affect us right down to the cellular level.But, isn’t anger supposed to be a good thing? Yes!  Our emotions are a gift, meant to help us. But, anger can become toxic if not processed. Take this quiz to see if your anger is toxic.

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Why Some Adoptees Are Angry and Others Aren’t

Say What? You're Not Angry?

Imagine a five-year old whose parents were wiped out in a car wreck. She’s just attended their funeral and then witnessed their coffins lowered six feet into the ground. If you were to strike up a conversation with this child as her aunt takes her hand and leads her to the car, what do you believe the child would say?

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What Adoptees and Foster Kids Need to Know About Anger

What Has MisPlaced Anger Told You?

What I didn’t know is that for the adoptee, there are two kinds of anger—real, God-given anger for when we’re in danger. It’s the proverbial red light on the dashboard, alerting us to the fact that something needs attention.The other kind of anger is mis-placed anger, which runs rampant in adoptee and foster kid hearts. It’s based on lies we’ve come to believe and never question…after all, it’s just part of us, right?No, not right.

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