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Remember This When You’re Labeled Bastard or Illegitimate

This young woman in this photo illustrates the paralyzing fear of being exposed as an illegitimate or bastard child. Even in church, mean words are uttered and Scripture is twisted at times. Sherrie offers a strategy for adopted and foster kids to overcome deep-seated shame.

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How Adoptees and Foster Kids Can Prepare for Birth Parent Reunions

Adoptee Reunions with Birth Family Must Be Done with Caution and Preparation

An adoptee’s or foster kids’ reunion with birth family members can seem like a milion emotions all at once. It is easy for the reunited adoptee or foster child to feel overwhelmed, like a loser and a victim. Some say you can’t prepare for an adoption reunion, but adoptee veteran Sherrie Eldridge begs to differ. She lists five things adoptees and foster kids must remember in order to be prepared.

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