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Where I Found My Missing Adoptee Face

This photo depicts our journey throughout Israel. Many game-changer events had already happened. Another hint was about to be revealed.

Being adopted is a life of adventure, constantly unfolding. My perspective doesn’t dismiss the pain, but sees it not as an enemy, but as a catalyst for growth and redemption. Most who have lost their first family would agree that we are forever searching for their missing faces. But, could there be an additional dimension of this dynamic of finding

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Five Social Media Landmines for Searching Adoptees and Foster Kids

This is photo of adopted woman searching for birth family on social media. She's not aware of how she may be hurt. This post provides five landmines for her to be aware of to keep herself safe.

  I believe all adoptees are searching for lost relatives, even if subconsciously. With the growth of social media it is commonplace to find a lost relative. Facebook was my means of finding my birth brother, Jon. Connections may occur, creating an emotional high, But often there are landmines for which no one is prepared. Here are five landmines for

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Adopted and Foster Kids: Buckle Your Seatbelts Before Birth Parent Reunions

This is a picture of a teen buckling her seatbelt like before an adoption reunion. She must be aware of possible rejection and this post prepares a searching person for that.

Looking back on my initial contact via phone with my birth mother, it’s hard to believe that the whole reunion with her ended in slammed doors. Adoptees must be aware that rejection is a real possibility….and remain safe during times when rejection comes. Also, when the sweet words like this come. We must be wise and not operate on emotion.

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