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Amazing Research News For Birth Mothers and Adoptees

Thanks to science, we now have a deeper glimpse into our Creator’s heart that cherish’s birth mothers and their sacrificial gift in adoption….and for the child that is adopted. We all know from Dr. Thomas Verny in The Secret Life of the Unborn Child that: ~the birth mother’s heartbeat and warmth of her body makes the baby feel safe ~the

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Celebrate the Miracle: Reflect Often On How You Became A Family

  Without a doubt, you know that an absolute miracle transpired in your heart when you adopted your child. Trying to describe it would be impossible, for it was like a million emotions exploding simultaneously—like fireworks! If I had to pick just one moment of absolute, unadulterated joy it would be the moment I saw her photo pop up on

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Confessions of An Adoptee Hoarder

Our living room floor was scattered with tidbits of paper, scratched-out notes from my first conversation with birth relatives, photos of generations past, a handwritten will of my birth grandmother, the first card I received from my birth mother, the newspaper clipping with the hand carved ship my grandfather made for Henry Ford back in the day. (Yes, THAT Henry

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