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For adoptees, freedom from their painful, anger-ridden past.

For adoptive parents, freedom from their condemning selves.


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  • Adoption Pearls from the All-Adoptee ICU

    A lesson from nature teaches us that pain is the catalyst that makes the precious pearl. Through all the tough issues adoptees work through in the All-Adoptee ICU, pearls of wisdom are formed. Here is my “take” on the pearls. How about yours? 1. Anyone can make love, but only God can create a life.…

  • All-Adoptee ICU Signs of Recovery

    Here are a few of the signs that adoptees have healed: • “I have a unique life purpose…I can see how God is working in my life!” • “I can now take rejection in stride!” • “I can now see my adoption experience through God’s eyes!” The link for the All-Adoptee Online Group is:…

  • An ICU for Hurting Adoptees?

    An ICU for Hurting Adoptees?

    Where can you take an adoptee for intensive help? If you go to the psych unit at the hospital, they don’t even mention adoption-related trauma as a possible issues of depression, anxiety, or self-destructive thoughts and behaviors.   There is a place, online, where adoptees can go and be with other adoptees who’ve been where…