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Why Adopted and Fostered Kids May Cry Old Man Tears

Deep Grief for Adopted and Foster Children

Why would a seemingly insignificant object trigger pieces of my adoption puzzle that stayed dormant for years? And, how could I solve the grief puzzle it surfaced?

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Amazing Research News For Birth Mothers and Adoptees

Thanks to science, we now have a deeper glimpse into our Creator’s heart that cherish’s birth mothers and their sacrificial gift in adoption….and for the child that is adopted. We all know from Dr. Thomas Verny in The Secret Life of the Unborn Child that: ~the birth mother’s heartbeat and warmth of her body makes the baby feel safe ~the

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Can Adoptees Remember Early-Life Loss?

Moses’ life normalizes the adopted life. He blew it like many of us, yet went on to be one of the greatest leaders of all times. Also, God called him “friend.” Moses’ First Mom, Jochebed Jochebed felt her first labor pain late in the afternoon and by nightfall she had given birth to a beautiful baby boy. It was a

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A Practical Tool for Helping Adopted and Foster Kids Grieve

Friends, I have always loved this poem because I think it shows the reality and redemption involved in adoption. It would be a neat project to do with the kids this weekend! Get a big piece of butcher paper, finger paints, and markers and let them create their vision of their tree. Then, ask them to apply the lightning to

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How To Grieve Adoption Loss (Russian Translation)

Dear friends, Last year, I had the privilege of presenting to a Russian group of social workers. The principal from the Russian school here in Indy translated the points for me. I am hoping that this may reach someone out there who speaks Russian, or some of our guests that were here that day at Heartland Church, Indianapolis. Горе как

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