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What Happens When Orphan Hearts Connect

Dear Diary, Oftentimes, what seems a mystery in childhood becomes crystal clear later in life. I learned over the years that the orphanage wasn’t such a wonderful place. One counselor asked why my parents would let me play with kids who likely had attachment disorder or had suffered abuse. I had no answer for her. Remember in an earlier post

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Good Little Adoptees Must Let Go of Pleasing

Dear friends through adoption, As I began searching in earnest for my birth mother, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to let go of deep feelings of loyalty to my Mom and Dad. I was loyal to a fault, always wanting to please them and not knowing that beneath it all was attachment disorder symptoms as well as

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How To Find Adoption Identity Clues

How do you connect the dots(clues)? Look for mysteries, out-of-the-ordinary stuff, shocking circumstances, and repetition. What makes your mind say “really?” When I was a child, the physician who delivered me visited every week to check on me came until I was old enough to ask who he was. Hmmmm. Something strange there. Anything come to mind for you about

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