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  • Does the Bible Validate An Adoptee’s Primal Wound?

    Does the Bible Validate An Adoptee’s Primal Wound?

    With all the changing terminology and philosophy about what an adoptee experiences at relinquishment, author Sherrie Eldridge takes us to the core meaning of what it really means. She reviews expert opinions and then gives a Biblical clue you won’t want to miss.

  • Martin Luther Talked Turkey to the Devil

    When a man visited the Wartburg Castle, where Martin Luther was exiled, he noticed a black spot on the wall. When he asked the guide about the story behid the spot, he was told that Luther was overly depressed over the guilt of his sin. One night, he dreamed that Satan came with a long…

  • An Adoptee’s Heart-Wrenching Decision to Search

    Dear friends through adoption, After hearing my family’s silences, judgments, and sarcasm about possibly searching for my birth mother, I made a very difficult decision. It was a decision that was new to me, even though at the time, I was 47 years old. I was like an overgrown eaglet who had stayed in the…