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Amazing Research News For Birth Mothers and Adoptees

Thanks to science, we now have a deeper glimpse into our Creator’s heart that cherish’s birth mothers and their sacrificial gift in adoption….and for the child that is adopted. We all know from Dr. Thomas Verny in The Secret Life of the Unborn Child that: ~the birth mother’s heartbeat and warmth of her body makes the baby feel safe ~the

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A Birth Father Reaches Out to His Lost Daughter

While digging through my files yesterday, I found this poem by a birth father. I’d like to contact him for permission, but don’t have the correct information. I thought we all might benefit from hearing this. Let me know your thoughts? Just because your mother and I are not together, doesn’t mean that I don’t care. After all this time

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The Forgotten Father

Adoptees Are Silently Searching for Missing Birth Fathers In the majority of adoption literature, birth mothers are mentioned as the predominant loss for the adoptee. While interviewing more than 70 adoptees for a book, I learned that they think about their birth fathers as much as birth mothers. So why aren’t birth fathers honored? Why aren’t they mentioned? A father

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