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What Adoptees Need To Get Unstuck

As adoptees begin to deal with the realities of adoption in their lives, blaming is part of the process. What adoptees don’t know is that blaming others for their painful past is a landmine for losing their personal power. Without knowing it, they are choosing to remain a victim. Here are some tangible ways to help your adopted child or teen get unstuck.

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Why Adopted and Fostered Kids May Cry Old Man Tears

Deep Grief for Adopted and Foster Children

Why would a seemingly insignificant object trigger pieces of my adoption puzzle that stayed dormant for years? And, how could I solve the grief puzzle it surfaced?

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Why Does My Adopted or Foster Child Hate Me?

Adoptive moms receive the brunt of adoptee anger. They are present, but the one whom the anger is really directed at is the birth mom, for disappearing from our lives…for kicking us out. That’s what it feels like.

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Words that Trigger Trauma in Adopted and Fostered Kids

Dear friends through adoption, Cognitive dissonance occurs automatically and involuntarily for many adoptees, but adoptive parents and other people in an adopted child’s life can inadvertently trigger mixed feelings. I believe that for the most part, the following types of statements are well-intentioned and borne from ignorance. Nevertheless…we need to know what they are so the adoptee can be helped

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