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  • Before You Were Born

    Before You Were Born

    Did you know that every day of your life was planned before any one of them came to be? Psalm 139

  • One Adoptee’s 69th Birthday Reflections

    One Adoptee’s 69th Birthday Reflections

    “Look!” the people around the campfire called out, pointing to the cypress trees that lined the famous Monterrey, California grill. Suddenly, a bagpiper came out of the woods, playing a melancholy tune. She wore authentic bagpiper regalia, walking through the field toward us. It was a special touch to an evening that we didn’t think…

  • Waking Up from an “After-Death Experience”

    All hope was gone. Professionals say that eight minutes of flat lining means death. My friend flat lined for ten. This morning, a month later, I stopped by to see her. Little by little, she is remembering what she saw, when dead and when alive. “Sherrie!” she said. “Do you know what the first word…