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  • Yes, I’m a Christian and I Love Santa

    Yes, I’m a Christian and I Love Santa

    Why is it that some people of faith get huffy at those who celebrate the culture of Christmas? Santa, his reindeer, cookies, presents under the tree? Perhaps, they need to reconsider the difference between the culture of Christmas and the culture of Christ.

  • Sherrie’s Christmas Card for You!

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  • Christmas In the Orphanage

    Dear Diary, I didn’t know that the big red brick house was an orphanage. To me, it was Grandma’s house. That meant lots of kids to play with–all races, ages, and backgrounds. I didn’t know why they were all at Grandma’s. They were just my buddies who I liked to be with. At Christmas. Grandma…

  • What Adoptees Won’t Tell You About Gifts

    Dear Diary, I love all the gifts and stuff this time of year, but I get really scared when it is time for me to open my gifts. When everybody is watching me….boy, I really feel scared. When I don’t know what is inside, I’m afraid I won’t like it and then what do I…