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Yes, I’m a Christian and I Love Santa

The problem of a faith-based person liking Santa is discussed along with the solution of liking Santa and loving Jesus.

Why is it that some people of faith get huffy at those who celebrate the culture of Christmas? Santa, his reindeer, cookies, presents under the tree? Perhaps, they need to reconsider the difference between the culture of Christmas and the culture of Christ.

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My Christmas Gift for You!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have trouble waiting for the proper time to give gifts. I just can’t wait. That’s how I feel about my gift to you this Christmas. I made this with you in mind. I thought you might enjoy as you draw closer to God, not only during the Christmas season, but in every season

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Martin Luther Talked Turkey to the Devil

When a man visited the Wartburg Castle, where Martin Luther was exiled, he noticed a black spot on the wall. When he asked the guide about the story behid the spot, he was told that Luther was overly depressed over the guilt of his sin. One night, he dreamed that Satan came with a long scroll of his sins, from

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