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An Unexpected Prescription for Grieving Adoption Loss

This post handles the problem of adoption grief and proposes the added dimension of worship for healing.

It’s so easy to go negative about adoption, thinking that ranting about our pain will get us one step closer to healing. Speaking up and out is good, but there is an additional step that needs to be taken to become the people we were created to be.

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What Adoptive and Foster Parents Can Do If Short-Changed by Social Workers

It’s hard to believe in this day and age that social workers often hold back vital truth from adoptive and foster parents. Withheld truth that will surely sabotage both parenting and growing up adopted or fostered. What can a parent do when this happens? Sherrie Eldridge lists six steps to help parents get started.

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A Craft Project to Help Adopted or Foster Kids Process Adoption Grief

How, oh how, can a foster or adoptive parent help their child through grief? They run as fast as possible from anything sad, right? Here’s an indirect and creative way to approach the subject. I have always loved this poem because I think it shows the painful reality and also healing involved in adoption. It would be a neat project

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One Adoptee’s Grief Dolly

An Adoptee’s Grief Dolly

There are many ways to deal with grief, and it shows up most during the holiday season. Is it possible to be happy if you are grieving? If you shove everything aside that remind you of your loss, will you be able to forget it? Sherrie made a wonderful discovery about grief and loss this year.

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How to Grieve Adoption Loss

Dear friends, I just finished taping a radio show with Rebecca Vahle, Supervisor of the Family to Family Adoption Program of Denver’s Parker Hospital. Here’s what I promised listeners. It’s a way to help your children work through unresolved grief and loss. Shoot me a reply if you have questions! How to Construct A Grief Box 1. Explain “Adoption Project”

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