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For adoptees, freedom from their painful, anger-ridden past.

For adoptive parents, freedom from their condemning selves.


Tag: reactive attachment disorder

  • The Game Changer for My Attachment Disorder

    The Game Changer for My Attachment Disorder

    Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of your smoke alarm? Panic, right? Hasten to turn it off, right? Hate the loud, disturbing sound, right? Adoptees and foster children live with a smoke alarm in their brains everyday, but no one knows it. Therefore, it doesn’t get turned…

  • My Set-Up for Reactive Attachment Disorder

    My Set-Up for Reactive Attachment Disorder

      Warm tears landed on my newborn body, like a spring rain. I wanted to feel them forever. To my once-orphaned delivery doctor, life was something to be celebrated, to shed happy tears over. I couldn’t wait to feel his tears again. What was it about those tears that soaked into my soul? Were they…

  • Don’t Tell Anybody My Secret….I Was Adopted

    “Was I a bad baby, Mom?” young Stephen asked after his parents told him about his adoption. “Was there something wrong with me?…Is that why they didn’t want me?…Was I a bad baby?” His parents, startled by Stephen’s poignant questions, gathered their composure and reassured their son that the “giving up” didn’t have anything to…