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Two Life-Changing Words for the Orphan In The Book Thief

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Leisel, an orphan from Ireland and co-star of the movie, The Book Theif, gave a stunning performance of what one feels when everything familiar is ripped away. She is escorted by horse-drawn carriage to meet her new mom and dad. Not being a history buff, I can’t give you all the history details. You’ll have to go to see the movie to see the richness unfolding. What I can give you, instead, are two words that obviously were pivotal in Liesel’s wounded, abandoned heart.
Her new mom was abrasive a gruff, her dad, tender and attentive. After saying goodnight to her the first night, he said, “Good night, your majesty.”
Those two simple words resonated with her adoptee heart and throughout the two hours of movie, he always called her “your majesty.”
That really touched my own adoptee heart.
Last weekend, I had the privilege of spending time with my adopted granddaughter. Without explaining to her, I simply called her “your majesty.” She was trying on pretty dresses for the Christmas play at school. One was particularly beautiful on her and I said, “You look like a princess, your majesty!” She smiled, and her body turned and her foot turned outward as if she were being presented as royalty. It was really quite remarkable. I think I shall always remember it.
Today, I thought about Father calling Jesus “your Majesty” at different times of his earthly life. Just think, when He humbled Himself and became a man, Father said, “Your Majesty.” When He was born of a virgin, Father said, “Your Majesty.” When He was crucified, dead and buried, Father said, “Your Majesty.” When He sat down at Father’s right side, Father said, “Your Majesty.”
Two little words…in a movie….from an adoptive dad who loved his little girl…and emblematic of Father who loves all His little girls.
I urge you to see the movie, but even better, get to know Father!

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