Waking Up from an “After-Death Experience”

Her family kept speaking to her even when she was dead.
Her family kept speaking to her even when she was dead.

All hope was gone. Professionals say that eight minutes of flat lining means death. My friend flat lined for ten.
This morning, a month later, I stopped by to see her. Little by little, she is remembering what she saw, when dead and when alive.
“Sherrie!” she said. “Do you know what the first word was that I said when I came back to life?”
I wasn’t with her then so I asked what.
She said her family and friend asked her to say something.
“The first word I said was ‘Miracles. Can you believe that, Sherrie?”
More of the story tomorrow.


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  1. Sherrie Eldridge Avatar

    Tammy and Jack…I’m so glad to hear that the color change helps. I had no idea and if you hadn’t written, I would’t be aware of the problem.

  2. Tammy and Jack O'Tain Avatar
    Tammy and Jack O’Tain

    We enjoy your articles and find them so helpful. Thank you for changing the background so we can read them. We really appreciate the change!!!!

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