What It Feels Like to Be A 12+ Year-Old Adoptee or Foster Kid

This is another wonderful article from JEWELS NEWS, written by Samantha Jones,  Fall 1997 Issue.

Hello, my name is Samantha and I am 12 1/2 years old. I’m Afro-American. I’m adopted. I’ve been with my adopted family for about eight years now.

Being adopted to me means being with the permanent family. Sometimes I wonder what my birth family is like. To me, the law which says you have to be 21 to see your birth parents or family is unfair! That law can have a very strong effect on people.

(Note: Indiana will have open records–July of this year. Samantha is from Indianapolis).

For one, your parents might be descended. Second you might not get to find your family or your family’s history.

Also your family might not want to see you.

I also worry when people asked me if I’m adopted.I know whatTo say and all, but it scares me a little. Not because I’m scared to say yes but scared of what they might do or say.

Example: If I say yes they might make fun of me or they might not be my friend or they might talk about me.

Inside, I know if they are a good person they won’t make fun of me or they won’t talk about me.

Being with my adopted family makes me feel good inside and outside.

It also makes me feel lucky that I have a family that loves me.

My family is just like any other family. We laugh, we talk, we have a few problems, we have fun times and sad times, we get mad at each other, but we all still love each other, no matter what my mom loves his family more than anything or anybody she knows. My family makes me have this wonderful,  sensational feeling whenever I’m around them.

Is there a family better than this? Well, I don’t for a true fact think there is but my own fact is no! You can’t find a better family or place to stay here at my house with my adopted family.


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