When You Write to Publish, Don’t Forget This!

Yesterday, LITTLE BRANCH GETS ADOPTED became available for purchase on Amazon.com!

I am celebrating with my publisher, Marcinson Press, by eating chocolate cake.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be able to make this available to adoptive and foster parents, plus anyone who loves an adoptee. It’s for kids, ages 5-12.

The Story of Little Branch 

The main character, Little Branch, mega loves his first mama named Beautiful Branch, and believes her to be the best mama in the whole garden.

But, after a storm, Beautiful Branch, was unable to provide what Little Branch needed.

Of course, this is a crisis every adoptee and foster child must endure and learn how to deal with. And, for foster children, multiple traumatic times.

Little Branch’s reaction to this loss communicates what most adopted and foster children experience.

Readers can clearly see the pain, the loss, the anger, and joy.

The biggest concern for adoptive and foster parents is, “How can I talk adoption with my child who refuses to talk about adoption?”

Add to that, the incredible complexity of pre-adoption trauma.

These adoptive and foster parents must shake in their boots, wondering how to talk about adoption. Should I mention my child’s trauma, if yes, how can I do it without further wounding, and what about negative history?

Let Little Branch takes you through his journey and the topics you fear will become springboards for discussion with your child.

What the Publishing Process Looked Like for Me

Looking back on the process of writing this book, I sigh, for five years ago, I was writing the words when on vacation in California.

Whenever I write something new, I always create it on a huge art notebook. This gives me the ultimate freedom of expression.

So, for the following five years, I’ve attended many writing conferences, wrote a spanking-clean book proposal that was applauded by publishers but turned down, contacted Marcinson Press and signed a contract, agreed on the illustrator, went through many months of disappointments with the illustrations, agreed with Marcinson to hire fire first illustrator and hire my dream illustrator (Joani Rothenberg of Indianapolis).


If you are writing a book, whether fiction, non-fiction, or children’s, believe in your dream!

Cling to these truths about your dream book:

  • You are the only one with the vision for this book
  • Many doors may close, but keep walking the dream
  • Never give up
  • Your message will be a life raft for many hurting readers
  • You were born for this

And, so, dear friends, I offer LITTLE BRANCH GETS ADOPTED to you!

May his adoption story bless you and your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews. Anyone!

Here’s an acknowledgment: Domenica Labasi, a gifted therapist from Montreal, taught me this story years ago. In her practice, she uses it with resistant adoptive parents.

Here is the link for ordering: https://www.amazon.com/Little-Branch-Adopted-Sherrie-Eldridge/dp/1946932094/ref=sr_1_14?crid=4FDTGDSGG6Y3&keywords=sherrie+eldridge&qid=1553685149&s=gateway&sprefix=sherrie%2Caps%2C158&sr=8-14