Why Would You Want to Search for Birth Relatives?

Good morning, friends!

I remember when curiosity was spilling over inside me! I had my birth mother’s name….Marjorie Elizabeth Perry. A real person. My fantasy mother was coming to life. Really? She was real? How could I not find her? I wanted to find her and reassure her that she had made the right decision in placing me for adoption. Adrenaline rushed through my veins.

However, my widower dad said, “Why would you want to open that can of worms?” My husband’s side of the family grew distant, and my husband was silent.

I felt lost, but not as lost as I would if I didn’t go forward with my search for her.

Tell me your story?!


5 responses to “Why Would You Want to Search for Birth Relatives?”

  1. Suzan Avatar

    Agreed. God doesn’t make mistakes. It’s made me a better person. Much more tolerant. Though very insecure.

  2. Sherrie Eldridge Avatar

    Suzan….thanks for sharing. I agree that your story isn’t the happy-ever-after kind. Neither was mine. Very similar circumstances and time. I must ask you though, when your birth mother rejected you so cruelly, was there anything you could read that would validate your experience? I could find nothing…nothing! Shame took over for me for about a year until I realized that it’s my birth mother’s problem, not mine. Also, that I am God’s idea….and He doesn’t make mistakes.

  3. Suzan Avatar

    I found my birth mother 21 years ago at age 30. We don’t have much contact. She says I ruined her life. Stuck at age 15 for her IMHO. My birth father is a major loser. But he had a daughter with a 16 that is the same age as me and we’re close. Even though it wasn’t a happily after story at least I know. The coolest thing is my oldest granddaughter is a clone of my birth mother. For someone who grew up not looking like anyone that’s pretty special.

  4. Sherrie Eldridge Avatar

    I wasn’t familiar with the “half adopted” term. Let me ask…do you sometimes meet or see a stranger, an older gentleman, and does the thought ever pop into your head, “I wonder if he could be my birth father?” This happens to me a lot, as I don’t know who my birth father is either.

  5. erinbethbranch Avatar

    I was “half adopted” which is what they called using a sperm donor back in the 70’s, so I know half of my history. I just want to know what he looks like and if there is any medical history I need to know.

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