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Yes, I’m a Christian and I Love Santa

I can’t stand it when Christians get all huffy about Santa.

It can surface as accusations that those who like Santa or make him a part of Christmas are betraying Jesus.

The matter is black or white to them. Either you love Jesus or Santa. No in-between.

“Jesus Is the Reason for the Season,” they preach through bumper stickers, banners, and tees.

Of course He’s the reason for the season.

As Christians, we celebrate God’s lavish love in sending incarnate Jesus to ultimately pay for our sin on the Cross.

That can be called “the culture of Christ” at Christmas.

However, it’s possible to love Jesus deeply and still participate in the culture of Christmas…decorating cookies, Santa, his reindeer, holly, mistletoe, and tons of presents under the tree.

As a child, every Christmas eve, we went to  church and afterward I made a sandwich, cookies, and a handwritten note for Santa. “Hi Santa…this is for you….love, Sherrie.”

To bed I went, eagerly awaiting the sound of reindeer hoofs on our snowy roof. Would I be able to really see those reindeer?

Never did I hear or see them, but at that young age I learned to anticipate something good….something or someone I couldn’t see. It was receiving gifts from a lavish gift giver.

As usual, only crumbs were left on my Santa plate. Guess be he was hungry…and he must have liked, for it was gone.

Let’s face it. Christmas can be both sacred and fun.

For those that insist on denying the fun part…oh, well.

For me, I love the fun part.

I love Santa.

Merry Christmas, friends.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

PS–If you’d like to check out some artistic version of Santa kneeling at the manger, here is a link:










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  1. Paige Adams Strickland Avatar

    Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

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