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Welcome to an abode of healing, transformation, and new beginnings.

I’m Sherrie Eldridge, an adoptee who has meticulously navigated the intricate tapestry of adoption, both personally and as an acclaimed author.

My books delve deep into the adoption journey, offering a combination of personal experiences and profound insights that resonate with many.

Over the years, my writing has become a beacon for adoptees, first parents, and adoptive parents alike, providing guidance, understanding, and a sense of belonging. Together, as we traverse the multifaceted realm of adoption, we’ll unearth past sentiments, tackle present challenges, and work towards a harmonious, well-informed future.

As you immerse yourself in this space, be sure to explore my collection of books. They serve as a testament to the transformative power of shared stories and experiences, helping to illuminate the path ahead with new perspectives and unwavering hope.

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