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Call Me An Adoptee Druggie, But I’m Not

You can call me a druggie, but I’m not. I’m just dealing with the specifics of trauma which I was dealt. In this post I’m going to be very transparent and trust you not to judge. Why couldn’t I just go to sleep? That has been my life’s mantra. As a kid, I lay in bed starring at the  plaster

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Look Beneath Your Adopted & Foster Child’s Smile on the First Day of School

Your adopted child may have a big smile as you send him off to the first day of school. Be aware, however, of the possibilities of specific fears that he may be struggling with.

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What Adoptees Can Do with Mixed Feelings

Regulating Mixed Feelings

Dear friends, Yesterday, I posted statements that cause mixed feelings (painful feelings) in adoptees. Today, let’s talk about concrete steps for dealing with the mixed up, finger-over-the-blackboard feelings: Journal Record your current circumstances in a journal. Maybe call it your “finger-over-the-blackboard” notebook? Create Self-Portrait Or how about getting a huge piece of paper? Then, have someone trace your whole body.

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Words that Trigger Trauma in Adopted and Fostered Kids

Dear friends through adoption, Cognitive dissonance occurs automatically and involuntarily for many adoptees, but adoptive parents and other people in an adopted child’s life can inadvertently trigger mixed feelings. I believe that for the most part, the following types of statements are well-intentioned and borne from ignorance. Nevertheless…we need to know what they are so the adoptee can be helped

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