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Adoptees Explain Boo-Hoo Birthdays

Let’s think about the concept of birthdays for adoptees. First, what does a birthday represent for the non-adopted person? For most, it’s a happy time, built on the foundation of being welcomed into the world. A time for birthday cakes, parties, and balloons. Now consider an adoptee’s birthday. What does a birthday represent for him? It represents the day of

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Why Adoptee Birthdays May Be Difficult and What Parents Can Do

Walking on Egg Shells on Adopted and Fostered Kids Birthdays

It’s a bright and sunny fourth day of August, back in the year 1950. In a back yard on Oakland Street, preparations are underway for a birthday party for a seven-year-old named Sharon Lee. That’s me. Dad and Mom move the picnic table to a shady spot under the big oak tree and then cover it with a colorful paper

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