I Can't Believe I'm Pregnant. Maybe I Should Abort My Baby

Why Choose Adoption Over Abortion?

Just like the young woman in this photo, many face the decision about whether to choose adoption or abortion. If this would help someone you love, feel free to share.

  1. Any two people can make love, but only God can create a life.
  2. No matter what the circumstances surrounding the conception, the baby growing inside you belongs to God and was created by him for his purposes.
  3. God loves you and has a special plan for your life as well as your baby’s.
  4. Choosing abortion will result in endless grieving for the child you might have had. Parental loss of a child is particularly devastating grief. Motherhood does not end with abortion.
  5. You will likely spend a lot of energy keeping the abortion secret in the future, and will experience guilt, anger, unconscious fear of sex, tenseness and uneasiness around children and depression.
  6. This child is part of you. Choosing abortion instead of adoption will not only kill your baby, but also a vital part of you.
  7. You will place your very life at risk through the abortion procedure.
  8. You will jeopardize your ability to conceive again.
  9. You will long to hold the child for the rest of your life and will wonder what he/she may have looked like when you see another’s child at the same age yours would have been. You will have lost not only an infant, but also a preschooler, a teenager, a young adult and your grandchildren.
  10. You will secretly wonder what your child would have grown up to be.
  11. The child you are carrying, like all of us, deserves a right to have a chance at life.
  12. The institution of adoption has changed dramatically in the last few decades. There is now such a thing as open adoption, where an arrangement can be negotiated between both sets of parents (birth and adoptive) for the welfare of your child. You can choose the birth parents for your baby.
  13. You can have a vital impact on the life of your child. If you choose adoption instead of abortion, he/she may need and want you to be an integral part of his/her life.
  14. If you choose adoption instead of abortion, you will ultimately see that you have touched by adoption for a purpose and that your son or daughter will be grateful to you for sacrificially carrying him/her for the first nine months of life.

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